Alexandria 02-03: The Columbian Mirror and Alexandria Gazette

Starting Date: September 16, 1800

Ending Date: December 6, 1800

Publication Frequency: 3/week (Tues, Thu, Sat)

Proprietors: William Fowler


Fowler became sole proprietor of this paper with the issue of September 16, 1800, after purchasing the business from a financially-desperate Ellis Price, continuing its publication without interruption; Fowler's tenure was brief as he sold the business (though not its outstanding debts) to the partnership of Samuel Snowden & Matthew Brown after issuing his last number on December 6, 1800; Snowden & Brown also continued publication of the paper without interruption, though with a different title, on December 8, 1800.

The Columbian Mirror and Alexandria Gazette is part of the Alexandria Gazette Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the Alexandria Gazette Lineage, see here.

There is 1 person associated with The Columbian Mirror and Alexandria Gazette:

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