Richmond 13-07: Richmond Enquirer

Starting Date: March 4, 1843

Ending Date: September 14, 1844

Publication Frequency: 2/wk (3/wk during Assy)

Proprietors: Thomas Ritchie & Sons


With issue of March 4, 1843, Ritchie made two of his five sons – William Foushee Ritchie (1813-77) & Thomas Ritchie, Jr. (1819-54) – partners in his business; they would succeed him as the paper's proprietors in May 1845, when Ritchie removed to Washington, D.C., to conduct a paper there for the new Polk administration.

Richmond Enquirer is part of the The Enquirer Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the The Enquirer Lineage, see here.

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