Abingdon 01-02: The Political Prospect

Starting Date: September 7, 1811

Ending Date: late 1819

Publication Frequency: Weekly

Proprietors: John G. Ustick


Earliest surviving copy is issue for January 4, 1812 (Vol. 1, no. 18), indicating a change in title from the Holston Intelligencer starting with the September 7. 1811 issue. Last known issue is one for January 9, 1819. As Ustick moved to Wytheville in early 1820, it is almost certain that this paper ceased publication sometime in late 1819. All surviving copies are held by the University of Virginia.

The Political Prospect is part of the Political Prospect Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the Political Prospect Lineage, see here.

There are 2 people associated with The Political Prospect:

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