Alexandria 02-06: Alexandria Daily Gazette, Commercial & Political

Starting Date: July 11, 1808

Ending Date: September 30, 1812

Publication Frequency: Daily ex. Sunday

Proprietors: Samuel Snowden


The unnamed Proprietor that Snowden engaged in September 1807 evidently asked for a change of this paper's name in the midst of the 1808 political campaigns; the new title, employed with the July 11, 1808 issue, asserted the paper's legitimacy by using Gazette in place of Advertiser and its Federalist outlook by adding "Commercial & Political" as an addendum; this title was continued until May 1817. With the September 18, 1808 issue, Snowden regained sole ownership of this paper, and remained so until acquiring another partner in September 1812. Beginning on September 9, 1808, a triweekly edition of Snowden's paper was issued "for the country," one using the same title as this daily minus the word "Daily" in its name. The duration of that edition's life is unknown, as only one issue – for September 30, 1809 – is known extant; this variant may have survived until the supply shortages attending the War of 1812 forced a reduction of the frequency of its parent paper.

Alexandria Daily Gazette, Commercial & Political is part of the Alexandria Gazette Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the Alexandria Gazette Lineage, see here.

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