Abingdon 01-01: The Holston Intelligencer and Abingdon Advertiser.

Starting Date: January 4, 1806

Ending Date: ca. August 1812

Publication Frequency: Weekly

Proprietors: John G. Ustick


Only known copy is issue for May 15, 1810 (vol. 4, no. 198), a Tuesday; local histories report that Ustick's paper commenced publication on January 4, 1806. a Saturday; the, numbering of this singular issue indicates his paper was in suspension for about 10 weeks during that period, as that issue should be no. 208 if publication were continuous weekly. A dunning notice he published in mid-1808 (reprinted that September in The Reporter of Lexington, Kentucky,) stated that subscriber arrearages had left him without the cash he needed to buy paper, suggesting a suspension of his journal was then imminent. Calculated start date of Ustick's succeeding Political Prospect indicates an end date for this title of August 31, 1811, also a Saturday, though it is possible that there was also a suspension during the transitions as well, hence the indefinite end date reported here. Variance in the day of the week when paper was issued is likely the result of changes in the schedule of Abingdon's postal service.

The Holston Intelligencer and Abingdon Advertiser. is part of the Political Prospect Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the Political Prospect Lineage, see here.

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