1821.007: Memorial relative to a Lottery for Rees’ Encyclopedia.

Published: 1821

Full Title: [Letter of Samuel F. Bradford, to the general assembly, January 16th, 1821, transmitting the memorial of George Murray, Gideon Fairman, John Draper, Robert Bald and Thomas Underwood, trading under the firm of Murray, Fairman & co., relative to a lottery for Rees’ encyclopedia].

Author: Murray, Fairman & Co. [firm].

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 4 pgs.; 26 cm.


Only known copy held by the Library of Congress; copy submitted to Assembly on January 16, 1821, is now lost; title lacks imprint or colophon; given that this memorial was submitted by Philadelphia publisher Samuel Fisher Bradford (1776-1837), in name of his agents in Virginia, suggests this item may have been printed there; but as Swem recorded this title as a Virginia one, so too does this Index; hence attribution here to an unnamed Richmond press.

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