1820.074: Experience and Gospel Labours of the Rev. Benjamin Abbott.

Published: 1820

Full Title: The experience and gospel labours of the Rev. Benjamin Abbott: to which is annexed a narrative of his life and death. By John Ffirth.

Author: Abbott, Benjamin (1732-1796), et al.

Place Issued: Harrisonburg

Issuing Press: Ananias Davisson for James A. Dillworth

Description: 292 pgs.; 18 cm.


Three part religious biography originally published in Philadelphia in 1801; first part is an autobiographical account from Abbot's papers; second part [p. 266-287] is "A narrative of the life and death of the Rev. Benjamin Abbott," by one John Ffirth; third part [287-292] is "A short account of Benjamin Abbott by Hugh Smith, in a letter to Ezekiel Cooper. Philadelphia, October 7th, 1801." Dilworth was a leader of the Methodist evangelical movement in Rockingham County; this is the only imprint he ever published. Shoemaker inadvertently recorded item twice, so the two entry numbers reported here.

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