1819.045: Acts concerning Mutual Assurance Society Against Fire On Buildings.

Published: 1819

Full Title: A collection of the acts of the legislature of Virginia in relation to the Mutual Assurance Society against fire on buildings of the state of Virginia.

Author: Mutual Assurance Society Against Fire on Buildings of the State of Virginia.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 32 pgs.; 23 cm. (8vo).


Reprinting of the acts of Assembly concerning the Society from its founding in 1794 through the December 1818 session, at which the Assembly enhanced the powers of the Society's board of directors. Only known copy is in the collection of the Society's papers and records held by the Virginia Historical Society; item lacks imprint or colophon, bearing caption title only; text indicates a Richmond origin, , but multiplicity of presses there makes an attribution to any one of them impracticable without more evidence, so indeterminacy reported here.

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