1818.093: Prayers, for the Use of Families.

Published: 1818

Full Title: Prayers, for the use of families

Author: Cameron, John (1744/5-1815).

Place Issued: Petersburg

Issuing Press: Whitworth & Yancey

Description: 60 pgs; 20 cm. (12mo).


title lacks imprint; undated colophon on page 2 identifies Whitworth & Yancey; American Antiquarian Society, holder of only known copy, reports that type used herein was same as that Whitworth & Yancey used in their editions of John Taylor's Arator (1818.090, 1818.091, 1818.092), dating its publication to era of their partnership (1815-19); as that type was not seen elsewhere until 1819, this item was also likely published in 1818, so date assigned here.

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