1818.070: Controversy between Charles F Mercer and Armistead T. Mason.

Published: 1818

Full Title: [Controversy between Charles F Mercer and Armistead T. Mason]

Author: Mason, Armistead Thompson (1787-1819), comp.

Place Issued: Leesburg

Issuing Press: Samuel B.T. Caldwell

Description: Unrecorded


No copy known extant; title supplied by indexer here. Existence of this "pamphlet" is evinced by comment in introduction to A View of the Whole Ground: being the whole correspondence between Mr. John M. M'Carty and General A.T. Mason (1818.072), compiled by McCarty; this title was reported there as a heavily-edited version of the letters exchanged between Charles Fenton Mercer and Mason from September 1817 to April 1818; Mason had lost the spring 1817 congressional election to Mercer, and then charged his opponent with vote-rigging in Loudon County by bringing in unqualified voters, McCarty among them; the charge impelled McCarty to publish the surviving work in rebuttal, detailing his correspondence with Mason from November 1817 to May 1818; McCarty also noted that Mason's flawed collection was printed by Caldwell at the Genius of Liberty office in Leesburg, so the attribution here. This second dispute resulted in Mason's death in a duel with McCarty in February 1819.

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