1818.060: The Controversy between M.B. and Quæro.

Published: 1818

Full Title: The controversy between M.B. and Quæro, which appeared in the Alexandria newspapers in the year 1817, on some points of the Roman Catholicism: to which is added an appendix, containing a brief notice of Luther…of indulgences…of the Inquisition…and of the order of the Jesuits. By a Protestant.

Author: Wilmer, William Holland (1782-1827), as both Quæro and A Protestant.

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Samuel Snowden

Description: 236 pgs.; 24 cm. (12mo).


Wilmer was rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Alexandria from 1812 to 1826, and later president of the College of William & Mary; in May 1817, he began a newspaper debate with Roger Baxter, S.J. (1792-1827) over legitimacy of the Catholic Church's claim to universality and correct religious theology; Baxter (M.B.) employed the pages of the Alexandria Gazette (published by John Corse & Nathaniel Rounsavell) for his side of the debate, while Wilmer (Quæro) employed those of the Alexandria Herald (published by Snowden); after the debate concluded in December 1817, Baxter had a heavily edited edition of their exchange printed in nearby Georgetown (Shaw & Shoemaker 40153) by William Duffy, then the semi-official printer to Georgetown College (now University) and soon-to-be publisher of the Lynchburg Press; Wilmer was dissatisfied with the decidedly pro-Baxter perspective of Duffy's edition, so engaged Snowden to print what he called "a fair edition of the whole correspondence." Work was dedicated by Quæro (Wilmer) to M.B. (Baxter) in preface dated August 22, 1818.

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