1817.115: Petition seeking Increased Capital for the Bank of the Valley.

Published: 1817

Full Title: To the General Assembly ... memorial ... of the undersigned, stockholders of the Bank of the Valley in Virginia ...

Author: Stockholders of the Bank of the Valley.

Place Issued: Virginia

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 31 cm. x 21 cm. (broadside).


Like petitions emanated from all of the counties of the northern Valley, suggesting that the Assembly had underestimated demand for loans and currency in this part of the state; the concerns of these petitioners were answered by two distinct acts of this Assembly, one in December 187 and the other in February 1818 (Chaps. XXXVII & XXXVIII of Acts of December 1817 Assembly). Only known copy, held in the state archives at the Library of Virginia, lacks colophon; sheet is dated December 15, 1817, in manuscript, the date it was received by the House of Delegates, in the name of stockholders in Jefferson County (other manuscript versions were entered on December 26th); the locus of this request indicates this item originated from a press in either Charlestown or Shepherdstown; still, a definitive attribution is impracticable without further evidence, so the indeterminacy here.

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