1817.044: Moral and Political Observations addressed to the Citizens of Virginia.

Published: 1817

Full Title: Moral and political observations, addressed to the enlightened citizens of Virginia. By E.B.

Author: Burgess, Ebenezer, 1790-1870

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: John Warrock

Description: 8 pgs.; 23 cm.


A Virginia-published anti-slavery tract, a rarity after the Quaker-led emancipation campaign faded away after 1800; item carries caption title only, with Warrock's colophon at end. Ascribed to the Massachusetts-born Burgess by Beinecke Library at Yale University; Burgess sailed for West Africa from Philadelphia in November 1817 as an agent for the newly-formed American Colonization Society on a mission to survey sites there for ACS to buy and use in relocating freed slaves there; if ascription is correct, then Burgess was in Virginia sometime in the summer and/or fall of 1817, after a teaching assignment at the University of Vermont expired with the end of the spring term, and while that mission was painstakingly organized by sympathetic merchants in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York; there Burgess used the opportunity to articulate his views through the Richmond press of John Warrock.

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