1816.140: Memorial from Washington County concerning Constitutional Convention.

Published: 1816

Full Title: To the General Assembly of Virginia. The memorial of the citizens of Washington County. The undersigned inhabitants of Washington county, uniting for the purpose of obtaining such amendments to the constitution of this commonwealth, as will secure to the good people thereof, all the rights and privileges, to which they are by nature entitled; and of which they have been deprived by the early adoption of principles, which if not originally and radically wrong, have become so by the subsequent "operation of natural and accidental causes," beg leave to lay before the Legislature of the state such an exposition of their grievances, as will establish at once, the certainty of their existence, the extent of their oppression, and the necessity of their removal. …

Author: Citizens of Washington County.

Place Issued: Abingdon

Issuing Press: John G. Ustick

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 34 cm. x 20 cm. (broadside).


One of eight such petitions presented to the General Assembly from Berkeley, Rockingham, Madison, Randolph, Jefferson, Prince William, Shenandoah, and Washington counties on November 18, 1816, all in support of the Memorial of the Staunton Convention (1816.133). All of those items are held in the state archives at the Library of Virginia. Sheet lacks colophon; that convention offered a common language for such petitions, with four printed versions presented that followed that form (this item, 1816.137, 1816.138, 1816.139); only this item printed the name of the petitioning county in place of the blank seen in the other three, so offering an indication of its origin; one of the convention's leading voices was Benjamin Estill of Abingdon, the county seat; however, as he was also a member of the House of Delegates, he could not sign such petitions; yet it seems clear that he had this sheet printed at the Abingdon printing office of John G. Ustick, so the attribution here.

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