1816.133: Memorial of the Staunton Convention (A).

Published: 1816

Full Title: Memorial of the Staunton Convention, to the Legislature of the State of Virginia ... to the honorable the General Assembly ...

Author: Majority of the Staunton Convention.

Place Issued: Staunton

Issuing Press: Isaac Collett

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 30 cm. x 23 cm. (broadside).


Title was formal result of a meeting of delegates from 35 western Virginia counties at Staunton August 19-24, 1816; this memorial asked the Assembly to call a constitutional convention to address inequalities in representation and taxation embodied in Virginia's 1776 constitution; this "Staunton Convention" led to minor changes in statute law at the November 1816 Assembly, but substantial constitutional alterations were stymied until a constitutional convention was called for winter 1829-30. The memorial was received by the Assembly on November 18th, when they ordered Thomas Ritchie, the public printer, to produce an additional 250 copies for their use (1816.152) Sheet lacks colophon; the convention secretary, Erasmus Stribling (1784-1858), was ordered to have 500 copies of this memorial printed for distribution throughout Virginia; he was also provided funds donated by the residents of Staunton to pay for the convention's contingent expenses, of which printing was one; as the only press then operating in Staunton was that of Isaac Collett, this almost certainly issued from his press, so the attribution here.

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