1816.131: Letters addressed to the People of Virginia by Henry Tompkinson.

Published: 1816

Full Title: Letters addressed to the people of Virginia showing the necessity of Immediately calling a convention for the revision and amendment of our state constitution. By Henry Tompkinson, a citizen of Virginia.

Author: Kercheval, Samuel (1767-1845), as Henry Tompkinson.

Place Issued: Winchester

Issuing Press: Jonathan Foster

Description: Unrecorded


No copy known extant. Kercheval is easily identified as the author here, having first entered a copyright for the work on May 13, 1816, before distributing this title to many prominent Virginians, including Jefferson; the former president acknowledged receipt of the pamphlet in a July 12, 1817 letter, that was widely reprinted in the years before such a constitutional convention was finally called in 1829. In the short term, Kercheval's letters helped generate support for a convention of delegates from 35 western counties that met in Staunton that August; the "Staunton Convention" led to minor changes in the statute law at the November 1816 Assembly, but constitutional alterations were stymied until the 1829/30 convention.

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