1816.120: Sermons Addressed to Masters and Servants.

Published: 1816

Full Title: Sermons addressed to masters and servants, and published in the year 1743; by the Rev. Thomas Bacon, Minister of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Maryland. Now republished with other tracts and dialogues on the same subject, and recommended to all masters and mistresses to be used in their families. By the Rev. William Meade.

Author: Meade, William (1789-1862), ed.

Place Issued: Winchester

Issuing Press: John Heiskell

Description: 248 pgs.; 16 cm. (12mo).


Title is part of publishing efforts begun after the War of 1812 by Episcopal Diocese of Virginia to reinvigorate their churches and expand their congregations; in this work, William Meade, the future Bishop of Virginia, then rector of Frederick Parish, addressed concerns about the morality of slavery by reprinting a series of sermons on the Biblical context of slavery and on the duty of slaveholders to treat their servants with Christian charity; these sermons were delivered by Thomas Bacon (d. 1768), rector of St. Peter Parish in Maryland around the date mentioned in the title here; however, the sermons were in fact published in London in 1749 (Two Sermons preached to a Congregation of Black Slaves) and 1750 (Four sermons, upon the great and indispensible duty of all Christian masters and mistresses to bring up their Negro slaves in the knowledge and fear of God). Imprint lacks date; Shaw & Shoemaker suggested a publication date of 1813, but evidently did not know that this item was not advertised as "just published" in Winchester newspapers until February 1816, so the date supplied here.

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