1816.107: Letter Addressed to Archbishop Leonard Neale of Baltimore.

Published: 1816

Full Title: Letter, addressed to the Most Reverend Leonard Neale, Arch Bishop of Baltimore. By a member of the Roman Catholic congregation of Norfolk, in Virginia.

Author: Oliveira Fernandez, J. A.

Place Issued: Norfolk

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 44 pgs.; (12mo).


Title lacks imprint and authorial credit; credited to the press of O'Connor & Broughton in an inscription found in the copy recorded in Bibliographia Catholica Americana (1872). Letter represents a report from Norfolk on resistance of Catholic parishioners there to Neale's assertion (in a letter of July 5, 1815) of right of the church hierarchy to name parish priests over that right asserted by the congregants there to elect their pastor, as was the case with most Christian denominations in America. Histories of this so-called "Norfolk Schism" identify the author here as the secretary of board of trustees for Norfolk's Catholic church, J. A. Oliveira Fernandez; the controversy led to a closing of that church by the trustees to prevent use by the elected pastor, James Lucas, and his supporters.

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