1816.077: Address of Henry Lee to Electors of 9th Congressional District.

Published: 1816

Full Title: To the electors of the Congressional District composed of the counties of Stafford, King-George, Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland and Lancaster. Fellow-citizens: I declare myself a candidate for the honor of representing you in the next Congress ... Westmoreland County, October 28, 1816.

Author: Lee, Henry IV (1787-1837).

Place Issued: Fredericksburg

Issuing Press: William F. Gray

Description: 1 folded sheet [2 pgs.]; 26 cm. x 21 cm. (fol.).


Lee was the son of the arch-Federalist “Light Horse Harry” Lee and master of Stratford Hall; he was then serving as a delegate in the Assembly representing Westmoreland County; here he announced his candidacy for the 9th Congressional District seat held by Republican John P. Hungerford; yet his prominence did not help him in this campaign, as he placed a distant third in a tight race that featured Hungerford and fellow Republican William Lee Ball; Ball defeated Hungerford by less than 100 votes. Sheet lacks colophon; Fredericksburg is almost certainly the origin of this circular letter; Lee's Federalist views were largely matched by the Virginia Herald issued there, and that journal was then published for timothy Green by William Fairfax Gray, so the attribution here.

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