1816.049: Ruddiman's Rudiments of the Latin Tongue.

Published: 1816

Full Title: The rudiments of the Latin tongue, or, A plain and easy introduction to Latin grammar: wherein the principles of the language are methodically digested, both in English and Latin. With useful notes and observations, explaining the terms of grammar, and further improving its rules. By Thomas Ruddiman, M.A. The twenty-sixth genuine edition, carefully corrected and improved.

Author: Ruddiman, Thomas (1674-1757).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Peter Cottom

Description: 138 pgs.; 19 cm. (12mo).


Title was the standard introduction to study of Latin; Shaw & Shoemaker reported this title with a short addendum with separate title page, Prosody of the Latin language (1816.050), as one complete item; survival of separated copies indicates that Cottom sold each separately; yet the Early American Imprints Series filmed combined copy noted by Shaw & Shoemaker, so also conflating the two titles. In 1816, Cottom employed the job-press of John M. & David Burke to print items for sale in his stores, including a new one in Lynchburg; the Burke brothers conducted the remnants of the press office of the late Samuel Pleasants, which collapsed financially in January 1817.

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