1816.045: Resolutions of Board of Public Works and Answers (June 1816).

Published: 1816

Full Title: Report in answer …

Author: Virginia. Board of Public Works, and the James River Company.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 8 pgs.; 24 cm. (8vo).


The Board of Public Works was established in February 1816 by an act that created a public fund for internal improvements in state (Chap. XXXV of Acts of December 1815 Assembly); its function was to distribute those funds to viable construction projects that improved roads and waterways; this item reports the queries the Board posed to the James River Company about possibly expanding the scope of their ongoing work westward from Dunlap's Creek in Monroe County (now Alleghany County, West Virginia) to Kanawha River and the expense that would attend such an expansion, with company's response; the company's slow pace in fulfilling that plan, laid out originally in its 1785 charter, led to the state board acquiring the company in 1820 and taking control of the improvements suggested in this report. Title recorded differently in Swem and in the catalogues of the Library of Virginia and Virginia Historical Society; Swem supplied title that summarizes contents of this imprint; the LVA title (used above) reports the simple caption title on the imprint itself; the VHS title employs the text of the imprint without that caption title: "Richmond, 20th June, 1816. The President and Directors of the James River Company. Gentlemen, I am instructed by the President and Directors of the Board of Public Works to call your attention to the objects of the subjoined resolutions, and to solicit an answer as speedily as your convenience will permit ... Bernard Peyton, Secretary to the Board of Public Works." Item bears caption title only, so lacks colophon and imprint; this probably issued from the office of the public printer, Thomas Ritchie, but as this was not a publically-financed imprint, it could also have issued from any of the Richmond presses, so the indeterminacy here.

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