1814.139: Stanard's Substitute for Bill to Raise a Force for Defence.

Published: 1814

Full Title: Amendment proposed by Mr. Stanard, by way of substitute for the bill “To raise a regular force for the defence of the commonwealth."

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Ritchie & Trueheart

Description: 3 pgs.; (fol.).


Only copy known held by the Library of Congress; the House ordered 250 copies of this substitute printed on December 23, 1814, for use of the Assembly in its deliberations, as well as the amended bill (1814.137) and other proposed amendments (1814.138); another new amended version was ordered printed on January 5th (1815.001); the introduction of this bill in November led to a extended debate that resulted in passage of a lengthy law on January 18th (Chap. VI of Acts of October 1814 Assembly). Thomas Ritchie was then printer to the Senate, but in wake of the death of Samuel Pleasants six days before this session opened, Ritchie was assigned other work before he assumed the role of public printer on January 1, 1815.

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