1814.104: New Edition of the New Revised Code of 1803.

Published: 1814

Full Title: A collection of all such acts of the General Assembly of Virginia, of a public & permanent nature, as are now in force: comprising the first volume of the revised code. The second edition, with copious notes of reference to subsequent acts, and a new and much enlarged index. To which are prefixed the Declaration of rights, and Constitution, or form of government. Published pursuant to an act of the General Assembly, passed on the tenth day of February, one thousand eight hundred and twelve.

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants

Description: 768 pgs.; 25 cm. (8vo).


Last in a series of updates to the revisal of Virginia law undertaken after the 1792 Assembly (1794.037); enlarged versions were issued as the New Revised Code of 1803 (1803.015), a Continuation of the New Revised Code of 1803 (1808.037), and a Supplement to the New Revised Code of 1803 (1812.030); in January 1814, Pleasants told the Assembly that there was sizeable demand for the work, though no more copies, and asked permission to print a new edition that would include laws enacted since the previous printing with a new index. The next compilation of Virginia's laws would embody first effort at codifying the state's laws as authorized by an act of Assembly passed in March 1819. This title was in press when Pleasants died on October 4, 1814, some six days before the next session of the Assembly met; the title page carries his imprimatur, making it one of the last imprints carrying his name; after his untimely death, his widow, Deborah W. L. Pleasants, took control of his office and continued as public printer in his stead until a new one (Thomas Ritchie) was elected by the Assembly; she was allowed by that Assembly to entered this work for copyright in her own name as a source of income during the settlement of the estate.

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