1814.093: Cottom's New Virginia Almanac for 1815 (Petersburg).

Published: 1814

Full Title: Cottom's new Virginia almanac for the year of our Lord 1815.Being the third after leap year; and 39th of American Independence. …. Adapted to the meridian of Richmond. Calculated by D.B. Bullock, of Louisa County, Vr.

Author: Bullock, D. B., comp.

Place Issued: Petersburg

Issuing Press: Richard Cottom

Description: [36 pgs.]; 17 cm. (16mo).


In the fall of 1814, the former Alexandria partnership of Cottom & Stewart reemerged briefly as an almanac-publishing venture; employing D.B. Bullock of Louisa County as the calculator, Stewart printed six nearly identical almanacs for himself in Alexandria (Alexandria Almanac for 1815 [1814.070] and Virginia Almanac for 1815 [1814.071]), for Peter Cottom in Richmond (Cottom's New Virginia Almanac for 1815 [1814.051]), and for Richard Cottom in Petersburg (this item), as well as for Georgetown booksellers Joseph Milligan (Georgetown Almanac for 1815 [Shaw & Shoemaker 51392]) and Richards & Mallory (Town and Country Almanac for 1815 [Shaw & Shoemaker 51443]); only variations in the typography in all five are in changes made to title page and imprint of each, so making that edition a title specific to the store mentioned, though the two Georgetown editions also lack the final two pages of the others that reported Virginia-related information.

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