1814.034: Richmond Enquirer Extra of April 16, 1814.

Published: 1814

Full Title: Enquirer Extra. April 16, 1814. Washington, April 14. Copy of a letter from Capt. Holmes to Lt. Col. Butler, commanding at Detroit …

Author: National Intelligencer.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Ritchie

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 36 cm. x 28 cm. (broadside).


Sheet reports victory of American forces over British regulars, Canadian militia, and native allies on the Detroit frontier who were attempting to cut off the Americans from their supply chain in modern-day Ontario, now called the Battle of Longwoods; the Capt. Holmes here was Andrew Hunter Holmes (1782-1814), who led the assault, reporting to his superior Lt. Col. Anthony Butler (d. 1846); letter was published in the National Intelligencer on April 14th. While being produced, news of Andrew Jackson's victory over the Red Sticks arrived in town, and was published as an extra of the Virginia Argus (1814.033), so leading to a brief recap of that story at the end of the Holmes/Butler correspondence. The Richmond Enquirer was published by Thomas Ritchie from its founding in 1804 until his relocation to Washington in 1845, so the attribution here.

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