1813.081: The Publications of the Virginia Religious Tract Society.

Published: 1813

Full Title: The Publications, of the Virginia Religious Tract Society. The distribution of cheap pious books is a very useful method of spreading the knowledge of religion. Much good may thus be done, to considerable numbers at once, in a most acceptable manner, and for a trifling expence.

Author: Virginia Religious Tract Society

Place Issued: Harrisonburg

Issuing Press: Davidson & Bourne

Description: 180 pgs.; 17 cm. (16mo).


Compilation of the initial publications of the Society; introduction notes that directors had determined that "immediately after the sixth number of their publications was issued from the press; they should be collected, and sold for the benefit of the fund" [3]; hence this title binds the six separately-printed tracts (1813.075, 1813.076, 1813.077, 1813.078, 1813.079, & 1813.080), issued in both Staunton (by Wartmann) and Harrisonburg (by Collett), with the sermon that Andrew B. Davidson delivered at society's first annual meeting in October 1812 (1813.074), and with additional prefatory material that included the society's constitution; as a result, each segment herein is paginated separately. Imprint indicates this collection was issued from the press office conducted by Presbyterian ministers Davidson and George Bourne, called the Theological Printing Office, to provide the society they had founded with its own press; for duration of that office's two-year life, the partners employed bilingual printer Lawrence Wartmann as their tradesman.

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