1812.054: Virginia & North Carolina Almanack for 1813 (Somervell).

Published: 1812

Full Title: The Virginia and North Carolina Almanack, for the year of our Lord 1813: being the first after bissextile or leap year. Adapted to the latitude and meridian of Richmond. Calculated by Benjamin Bates, of Hanover County, Virginia.

Author: Bates, Benjamin (1769-1812).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Ritchie for John Somervell

Description: [32 pgs.]; 16 cm. (16mo).


This almanac cycle for 1813 was the last calculated by Bates; his declining health meant that the multiple editions he had helped to publish with, first, Seaton Grantland (for 1807 through 1809), then Samuel Pleasants (for 1810 through 1812), were reduced to just two in fall 1812 (for 1813) in conjunction with Thomas Ritchie; Bates died on December 12, 1812. Ritchie printed two nearly identical editions of the Bates almanac for 1813, one for himself (1812.053) and one for John Somervell in Petersburg (this item); a third edition was issued in Fredericksburg by William F. Gray (1812.0xx), though that edition is set in a different type and carries numerous illustrations not seen in the Richmond editions; those Ritchie produced almanacs vary only in the replacement of the imprint and the title text on the title page, as had been the practice in the earlier Grantland and Pleasants editions.

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