1811.099: Petition seeking Improvement of Roads to Harper’s Ferry.

Published: 1811

Full Title: To the honorable the Legislature ... undersigned citizens of the county of Jefferson ...

Author: Citizens of Jefferson Counties.

Place Issued: Charlestown

Issuing Press: Richard Williams

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 33 cm. x 19 cm. (broadside).


Sheet lacks colophon; only known copy, held in the state archives at the Library of Virginia, is item dated in manuscript "December 4, 1811," which was the day this petition was received by the House of Delegates. Request was referred to committee along with a second petition seeking a turnpike from Winchester to Harper's Ferry via Charlestown, the Jefferson County seat (1811.098); the two were combined into a bill that was enacted as "Act incorporating a Company to establish a Turnpike from Harper's Ferry to Charlestown" (Chap. XLV of Acts of December 1811 Assembly) on February 5, 1812. The marked centrality of Charlestown in each of those petitions indicates that both were printed in Charlestown where the only press then was conducted by Richard Williams, hence the attribution here.

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