1811.086: Der Christliche Catechismus [The Christian Catechism].

Published: 1811

Full Title: Der christliche catechismus, verfasst zum unterricht der jugend in der erkenntniss der christlichen religion, samt morgen-und abend-lieder, und geb├Ąte. Erste auflage.

Author: Henkel, Paul (1754-1825).

Place Issued: New Market

Issuing Press: Ambrose Henkel

Description: 120 pgs.; 17 cm. (16mo).


In a prefatory "Vorbericht an den christlichen Leser," [p. 3-4], dated October 1, 1811, Henkel reports this work was drawn from Martin Luther's Small Catechism (1529), though it does not conform strictly to the doctrines therein; that description matches his introduction to the English-language version of this work, The Christian Catechism (1811.087), dated April 1st. The six-month space between the two editions suggests that Henkel was consciously trying to expand the principles of his ministry beyond the German-speakers of the Great Valley. Both language variants are juvenile adaptations of Kleine Catechismus des Martin Luthers (1809.067 & 1811.085), itself a Henkel adaptation of Luther's Small Catechism of 1529.

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