1811.026: Propositions concerning the Administration of Justice.

Published: 1811

Full Title: Propositions designed to simplify and expedite the administration of justice. By Henry Banks

Author: Banks, Henry (1761-1833).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: John O. Lynch

Description: 24 pgs.; 21 cm. (8vo).


Banks was a former legislator who was long a part of the Republican leadership circle in Richmond, as well as a brother to Gerard Banks, the Republican editor, and Linn Banks, future Speaker of the House of Delegates; he had been at the center of the heated polemics unleashed by the dismissal of John Clarke as superintendent of the state's manufactory of arms, publishing a lengthy documentary defense of the legislature in his Compendious View of the Establishment & Operations of the Manufactory of Arms (1809.018). This title continues a series of commentaries on the deliberations of the December 1810 General Assembly; as the session began, he published an assessment of the session's agenda, Sketches & Propositions (1810.109); a second title on January 1st reiterated his argument there that public revenues should not be tied to private interests, and that additional banks in Virginia would diffuse the undue monetary influence of any single bank (1811.025); this last essay, dated January 25th, considered the many petitions asking for a reorganization of the state's judicial system and the several bills then pending on the subject.

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