1810.100: Petition seeking New Regulations on the Manchester Turnpike.

Published: 1810

Full Title: To the honorable speaker and members of the House of Delegates of Virginia. The memorial of the subscribers respectctfully [sic] represents, that your memorialists reside in counties lying to the south of James River, and in travelling, and bringing their produce to the Richmond market, by land. they are under the necessity of using the Manchester Turnpike Road ...

Author: Residents of Counties south of James River.

Place Issued: Petersburg

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 33 cm. x 19 cm. (broadside)


Petitioners object to undue wear-and-tear on the road resulting from heavy coal wagons (8,000-10,000 pounds) in contrast to lighter agricultural wagons (3,000 pounds); that those coal wagons should be required use broader wheels in order to minimize damage to the road, as well as to pay higher tolls for its maintenance; this effort was unsuccessful. Sheet lacks colophon; only known copy is in the state archives at the Library of Virginia; the LVA ascribes this item to a Petersburg press; however, with three presses then operating there, identifying the source of this petition is impracticable without further evidence.

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