1809.075: Narrative of the Introduction and Progress of Christianity in Scotland.

Published: 1809

Full Title: A narrative of the introduction and progress of Christianity in Scotland, before the Reformation; and of the Reformation, and the progress of religion, since, in Scotland and America, especially among Presbyterians

Author: Reformed Dissenting Presbytery (1801-1851).

Place Issued: Wheeling

Issuing Press: Alexander Armstrong

Description: 168 pgs.; 22 cm. (8vo).


The so-called Reformed Dissenting Presbyterian Church was a small schismatic group of Presbyterians in the Ohio River Valley adjacent to Wheeling; it was formed in 1801 by two Irish-immigrant ministers, Robert Warwick and Alexander McCoy, and did not continue long after their deaths. This title was the first publication authorized by the church's governing Presbytery, which met in Washington County, Pennsylvania – birthplace of printer Alexander Armstrong – in May 1808; that session approved a plan to publish this revisionist history of the Presbyterian Church as a prefix to "Testimony of the Reformed Dissenting Presbytery," which comprises the last 54 pages [p. 113-167] of the text here. Shaw & Shoemaker recorded those two parts as separate imprints (18485 & 18486), though the Early American Imprints Series filmed the entire volume under the latter number.

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