1809.055: Alexandria Almanack for 1810 (Cottom & Stewart).

Published: 1809

Full Title: [The Alexandria almanac for the year of our Lord, 1810. Being the 2d after bissextile, or leap year, and the 34th of American Independence].

Author: -----

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Cottom & Stewart

Description: 36 pgs.


No copy known extant; for three of the preceding four years, Cottom & Stewart published an almanac with interchangeable title pages, targeting three distinct locales in northern Virginia; they would also do so in 1810 (for 1811). The variant they issued in 1809 for their Fredericksburg store (1809.054) is the only Cottom & Stewart almanac for 1810 known to have survived, yet it is almost certain that two other variants of that almanac issued as well – especially as the ornamental word "Almanack" and portrait of George Washington on the Fredericksburg title page are identical to those used for the 1808 and 1809 editions; hence this index presumes that variants were printed for Alexandria (this item) and Washington (1809.056), ones identical to the known title excepting the title-pages, as was their practice.

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