1808.078: Comparative View of the Four Projected Coastwise Canals.

Published: 1808

Full Title: A comparative view of the four projected coastwise canals, which are proposed by some to be in competition for the trade between Norfolk and North-Carolina. By William Tatham

Author: Tatham, William (1752-1819).

Place Issued: Norfolk

Issuing Press: James O'Connor

Description: 28 pgs.


Tatham had served as the official state geographer from 1790 onward; in August 1808, he proposed construction of two canals connecting the Elizabeth and Lynhaven Rivers to the navigation with North Carolina (see View of the proposed Grand Junction Canal: 1808.077); the proprietors of the nearby Great Dismal Swamp canal believed Tatham's plan to be in competition with their project, so Tatham responded with this pamphlet, explaining how the interlinked canal system would aid inland navigation and protect Norfolk's trade from foreign (i.e. British) predations; text is dated September 1808..

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