1807.018: The Examination of Col. Aaron Burr.

Published: 1807

Full Title: The examination of Col. Aaron Burr, before the chief justice of the United States, upon the charges of a high misdemeanor, and of treason against the United States; together with the arguments of counsel and opinion of the judge. : To which is added an appendix, containing the opinion of the Supreme Court delivered by Chief Justice Marshall, in the case of Bollman and Swartwout

Author: Burr, Aaron (1756-1836), defendant.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Seaton Grantland

Description: 46 pgs.; 21 cm. (8vo).


The first full report on the preliminary hearing in the treason trial of Aaron Burr on March 31, 1807; notice on pg. 2 shows work was copyrighted on April 4, 1807, by Seaton Grantland. Burr was brought before the U.S. Circuit Court for Virginia in Richmond to answer for charge of treason against the United States; although he was later indicted by a grand jury on that charge, this hearing resulted in the original charge being dismissed for lack of evidence and of probable cause. That decision was in line with those written by John Marshall in February 1807 in the cases of Ex Parte Bollman and Ex Parte Swartwout (8 U.S. 75); those two men had been couriers for coded letters between Burr and Gen. James Wilkinson, the military commander in New Orleans, soliciting his participation in the purported conspiracy; when Wilkinson turned on Burr, he arrested the messengers without warrant; the Supreme Court eventually granted a writ of habeas corpus for both men on the grounds of a lack of probable cause for their arrests; like-wise, Burr was granted bail for a lesser charge and allowed to remain free until trial in May.

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