1806.059: Burk's History of Virginia (vol. 3).

Published: 1806

Full Title: The history of Virginia, from its first settlement to the present day. By John Burk. Volume III.

Author: Burk, John Daly (1772-1808).

Place Issued: Petersburg

Issuing Press: Dickson & Pescud

Description: 470 pgs.; 22 cm. (8vo).


Burk was an Irish émigré who found refuge from prosecution in New York City for seditious libel in the Petersburg area in 1799; in 1802, he began writing a document-based history of Virginia with the encouragement of Jefferson and with materials compiled by William Waller Hening, who was soon to publish his authoritative compilation of Virginia's colonial statutes. Projected as a five-volume set, the first volume (1804.057) issued from the Dickson & Pescud press on October 1, 1804; volume 2 (1806.058) issued in mid-1806 and volume 3 (this item) in late 1806; the rest were either delayed or left undone after Burk's death in an 1808 duel. Though both volumes 2 and 3 were issued in 1806, the title-pages carry a date of 1805; that variance was likely a result of the dissolution of the Dickson & Pescud partnership in October 1805, when Pescud sold his interest in the Petersburg Intelligencer to Dickson and acquired the rival Petersburg Republican of Thomas Field; as that shift was rather abrupt (instigated by the accidental death of Field's wife), it seems that Pescud's continued commitment to Burk's project was the last financial obligation he had in his arrangements with Dickson. Shaw & Shoemaker listed the four volumes eventually issued under a single entry (5951); as a result, the Early American Imprints Series filmed all four volumes under that same number.

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