1806.055: The Norfolk Directory.

Published: 1806

Full Title: The Norfolk directory, containing the names, occupations, and places of abode and business, of the inhabitants, arranged in alphabetical order. Also, a register of the borough corporation, and common-council; court-days, public officers, &c. with an account of the different instituted societies in the borough--including the police, and other public officers of the town of Portsmouth: a statement of the borough revenue. A correct tide table, and a complete list of the streets, lanes, alleys, and wharves in the borough.

Author: Simmons, Charles H. (1763-1818).

Place Issued: Norfolk

Issuing Press: Augustus C. Jordan

Description: 82 pgs.; 12 cm. (16mo).


Second city directory published for Norfolk; Simmons also issued the first in 1801 (1801.034); both were printed for Simmons by Augustus C. Jordan. The impetus for this new edition was the February 1804 fire that consumed approximately four times the number of structures in the port as did the devastating 1799 fire, disrupting commerce more significantly than had that previous conflagration. As a result, the size of this directory was only about two-thirds of that of its predecessor. Simmons's middle name is most often reported as Heath, but before his move to Norfolk he placed notices in Charleston papers using the name Howell, so use of an initial only here.

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