1806.039: Murray's English Reader.

Published: 1806

Full Title: The English reader: or, Pieces in prose and poetry, selected from the best writers, designed to assist young persons to read with propriety and effect, to improve their language and sentiments, and to inculcate some of the most important principles of piety and virtue: with a few preliminary observations on the principles of good reading by Lindley Murray. 1st Alexandria from 6th Philadelphia ed.

Author: Murray, Lindley (1745-1826).

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Robert Gray

Description: 394 pgs.; 18 cm. (16mo).


Imprint varies; one variant reports "Alexandria: Printed for Robert Gray, by John W. Scott, Philadelphia" while another reports "Philadelphia: Printed for Robert Gray, Alexandria, by John W. Scott, Philadelphia." Variation suggests that Scott produced two different title pages for a common work that required multiple printings; Murray's English Reader was evidently then the most popular such textbook in the United States, seeing six editions issued in seven years under his guidance, with twelve unauthorized editions published in that period as well. The bookselling firm of Robert & John Gray engaged occasionally in joint publishing ventures with Philadelphia printers in order to meet demand for particular genres and titles in their store, especially school books, as seen g=here; so this item is reported as a Virginia imprint.

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