1804.062: Trial of James Thomson Callender.

Published: 1804

Full Title: Trial of James Thompson [sic] Callender, for sedition, on Tuesday the third day of June, 1800, in the Middle Circuit Court at Richmond, in the District of Virginia

Author: Robertson, David, ed.

Place Issued: Virginia

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 76 pgs.; 24 cm. (8vo).


Item was apparently issued without a title page, so lacks an imprint. Headnote reports "Copy taken from the Virginia Gazette, from the 18th July, 1800, till the 19th August, 1800, both inclusive--examined and corrected by David Robertson, whose affidavit is hereto annexed." The timing of publication indicates that this title was issued from a Federalist press as a way to remind voters in the forthcoming presidential election of Callender's sad association with Jefferson and his partisans. The Virginia Gazette cited was the Richmond variant published in 1800 by Augustine Davis, who then still conducted the main Federalist press in there; that sourcing suggests a possible Richmond origin for this item. Robertson lived in Petersburg and his affidavit was sworn before William Prentis, the former Federalist printer turned recorder for the town of Petersburg; that evidence conversely suggests a Petersburg origin. The item itself does not yield clues as to where it was issued, so the indeterminacy here.

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