1802.040: Prospectus for The Miner's, Smelter's & Mechanic's Friend.

Published: 1802

Full Title: Proposals for publishing a new work, the title of which will be The Miner's, Smelter's & Mechanic's Friend and Pocket Companion. In which the following useful arts shall be explained, in a plain, concise manner, free from all mystery and unnecessary technical terms.--To which will be added, some useful hints to farmers.

Author: Henfrey, Benjamin.

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Cottom & Stewart

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 54 cm. x 43 cm. (broadside, printed in three columns).


Essentially a subscription form for an expensive metallurgical manual that was not published. Text states that: "The above work will be comprised in two pocket vols. and printed on a fine paper ... and the plates, (which will be numerous,) shall be engraved by the best artists now to be found in this country. ... The price to subscribers, will be six dollars; and as the plates will be expensive, one dollar must be paid at the time of subscribing, at which time, a transfer will be made of a patent right, to use the authors mode of producing light from imflamable air ... Any person not a subscriber to this work, using the patentee's mode of producing light, must pay five dollars, and will be liable to prosecution, if used without first having obtained a certificate for that purpose. ... Five hundred subscribers must be obtained before he will venture to put his work to press, it being his intention to print no more than is subscribed for." Only known copy held by the American Antiquarian Society; imprint lacks date; text includes testimonials dated August 12 and 15, 1802, hence the date of publication assigned here.

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