1801.009: Letter to Constituents of Robert Yancey of Louisa.

Published: 1801

Full Title: [Letter from R. Yancey, Richmond, January 22, 1801, to his constituents, recounting the results of the deliberations of the general assembly].

Author: Yancey, Robert (fl. 1799-1807).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [3 pgs.]; 21 cm. by 18 cm. (fol.).


Yancey served in Assemblies of December 1799 and December 1800, before he was elected sheriff of Louisa County; he later served as the Lieutenant colonel of the 40th Regiment of Virginia Militia. No copy known extant; Swem recorded this title from the Library of Congress catalogue, but the letter is no longer listed there; letter is dated the day before the Assembly adjourned, indicating a Richmond origin, but its printer remains unknown.

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