1800.074: Communications relative to the Conduct of John K. Read, magistrate.

Published: 1800

Full Title: Richard E. Lee's letter, the attorney general's opinion, and the affidavits accompanying the governor's communication to the General Assembly, relative to the conduct of Doctor John K. Read, a magistrate of the borough of Norfolk.

Author: -----

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Meriwether Jones

Description: 32 pgs.; 17 cm. (8vo).


In his annual address to the Assembly (1800.073) Governor Monroe told of an investigation into the conduct of Read, an alderman in Norfolk, over reports published in the Epitome of the Times there that Read had surrendered an American citizen to the custody of the British consul, who sent that man to Jamaica for trial and execution as a mutineer in the Royal Navy. This imprint contains the original complaint to Monroe [3-4] by one Richard Evers Lee (d. 814), the opinion of his new attorney general Philip Norborne Nicholas (1776-1849) on the conduct of Read and the consul [4-23], and supporting affidavits [23-32] from Lee, Augustus C. Jordan, William Starke, Baylor Hill, John Brooks, Charles Carline, Greenwood Marsden, and Joseph Brannon who had been parties to conversations with Read on the subject. This Assembly decided to impeach Read for having exceeded his authority by depriving the sailor involved of a full legal hearing under the authority of Virginia law.

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