1800.070: Petition for a Road from Norman's Ford to Alexandria.

Published: 1800

Full Title: To the honorable speaker, and the rest of the honorable members of the House of Delegates of Virginia. The petition of sundry inhabitants of the county of [blank] sheweth: That your petitioners are of opinion, the opening a road from Norman's Ford, upon Rappahannock River, to the town of Alexandria ... will be productive of a very beneficial effect, as a new market will be opened ...

Author: -----

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; (broadside).


Petition evidently had a successful reception in the Assembly as it passed a law on January 20, 1801 forming a commission to lay out the course of such a road (Chap. XLVII of the Acts of the December 1800 Assembly). Sheet lacks printer credit; textual reference to "a new market" in Alexandria indicates an orchestrated effort to draw goods into that new market from piedmont area south of that port town, so the issuing location attributed here; date was suggested by Hummel from copy he saw in the state archives, but that item is apparently lost as it is not now in the catalogue of the Library of Virginia. Copy filmed by the Early American Imprints Series has manuscript completions for Fairfax County with signatures from planter-merchants in that county.

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