1800.021: Warrant for Arrest of James Thomson Callender.

Published: 1800

Full Title: The president of the United States, to the marshal of Virginia district, greeting: You are hereby commanded to arrest the body of James Thompson Callendar [i.e. James Thomson Callender], and bring him forthwith before the judges of the court of the United States, for the middle circuit in Virginia district, now sitting at the city of Richmond, to answer a certain presentment found against him by the grand jury for said district, for making and publishing a certain false, scandalous writing, intitled "The prospect before us," ...

Author: Marshall, William (1767–1816), clerk of the U.S. Circuit Court.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg,]; 19 cm. x 12 cm. (broadside).


A printed copy of the arrest warrant (original was in manuscript) executed on May 24, 1800 by U.S. Marshal Daniel M. Randolph. Generally attributed to President Adams from opening line of the warrant, but text indicates that Marshall was actual originator of this broadside; he evidently published the warrant both legitimize and publicize his conduct, and so avoid controversy, his being the younger brother of John Marshall, the uncompromising Federalist leader who was soon-to-be Secretary of State and then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Sheet lacks printer credit; while clearly a Richmond imprint, determining the press issuing it is impracticable; it was most likely one of the two Federalist presses then operating there, but the typography herein does not yield any clues as to whether the printer of this title was newcomer William A. Rind or stalwart Augustine Davis.

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