1799.049: Virginia Almanac for Lord 1800 (Weems).

Published: 1799

Full Title: The Virginia Almanac, for the year of our Lord 1800. Being the fourth* after leap-year: Containing Besides the necessary Calculations―Lists of Members of the Council, Senate, Assembly, &c. of this State―Fine Anecdotes, Songs, &c. A New and Beautiful Dissertation on Married Life; worth a Jew's Eye to all pretty Maids and Bachelors who would live Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy. … * This Year would, in course, have been a Leap-Year, were it not that adding one Day in four years occasions an excess of 18 hours in a Century; therefore Astronomers and Chronologers have adopted the following rule―Every Centurial Year not divisible by 400, without a remainder, is a Common Year.

Author: Briggs, Isaac (1763-1825), comp.

Place Issued: Fredericksburg

Issuing Press: Timothy Green, for Mason L. Weems

Description: [36 pgs.], 16 cm. (18mo).


This title is an excellent example of customizing a bulk imprint for specific markets. Weems had Green produce two geographical variants of this almanac, apparently as a way to enhance the potential markets for his "dissertation" on marriage – "Hymen's Recruiting Serjeant" – which makes up a large part of this work [pgs. 19-35]. The two title pages are identical except for the line above the word ALMANAC, with this variant stating "The Virginia" and the other "The Virginia & North Carolina" (1799.050). The 12 pages immediately after title page are identical to those seen in the Good Old Virginia Almanack for 1800 (1799.039) issued in Richmond by Thomas Nicolson; he then shared them with Green for use in this item; moreover, the text of the eclipse notes herein, at the top of page 14, repeats that seen in Nicolson's almanac. The intervening pages between that note and the Weems text vary between the two in order to match their intended readers, one text for Virginia only, the other text for Virginia and North Carolina combined. Both almanacs close with a table for exchanging the value of cents in U.S. currency to English equivalents (pounds, shillings, pence) in Virginia currency. The American Antiquarian Society attributes the ephemeris herein to Isaac Briggs, hence the authorial attribution here.

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