1799.017: Address of the Minority in the Virginia Legislature.

Published: 1799

Full Title: The address of the minority in the Virginia legislature to the people of that state; containing a vindication of the constitutionality of the Alien and Sedition laws.

Author: Federalist Minority in the Virginia Legislature.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Nicolson

Description: 16 pgs.; 23 cm. (8vo).


A rejoinder to the Address of the General Assembly to the People of Virginia (1799.008) by the Federalist delegates in that session, disputing the constitutional arguments employed therein against the Alien & Sedition Acts. Authorship is variously attributed to either Henry Lee or John Marshall; Marshall appears the more likely choice, given his earlier newspaper exchanges with opponents of the acts, and given the concurrent publication of Lee's Plain Truth (1799.018), a ten-point refutation of the constitutional and legal arguments against the acts; still, the author cited here best describes the collective behind text. Title lacks printer credit; typeset and text are essentially identical to that used by Nicolson to produce the newspaper-style edition The Awful Crisis which has Arrived (1799.016), wherein his colophon is seen at the end of the imprint, with the simple addition of the caption title above, hence the attribution here.

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