1798.034: Petition seeking a Public Road to Georgia.

Published: 1798

Full Title: To the honorable the speaker and House of Delegates, for the state of Virginia, the petition of sundry inhabitants of the federal district, and of the state of Virginia, humbly sheweth, That your petitioners are strongly impressed by information, as well as their own immediate knowledge, that there is a necessity for a great leading road, as direct as the ground will admit of, from the city of Washington, thro' the middle counties of the different states, south-westward to the seat of government, in Georgia ...

Author: Inhabitants of the Federal District.

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 22 cm. x 31 cm. (broadside).


The petitioners here asked that the Assembly undertake construction of a new main road through the piedmont counties east of the Blue Ridge that would connect the District of Columbia with similar roads in the Carolinas to make more accessible the parts of northwest Georgia then attracting settlers southward from the mid-Atlantic region. Sheet lacks printer credit; content evinces a clear familiarity with Virginia's geography and the existing ferriages therein; as a result, Bristol suggested an Alexandria origin, which seems more than reasonable, esp. given the three signatures of Alexandrians seen on filmed copy.

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