1796.019: Richmond Resolutions in Support of Jay's Treaty.

Published: 1796

Full Title: On Monday the 25th of April, at the instance of some Friends of the British treaty, a meeting (on short notice) was held at the Capitol in the City of Richmond, when a resolution was proposed, expressing the wish of the people, that Congress would carry that Treaty into full effect, without any reservation as to constitutional impediments, or other consideration of expedients …

Author: Citizens of Richmond.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Augustine Davis

Description: 1 sheets [1 pg.]; 32 cm. x 18 cm. (broadside).


The resolutions adopted at a meeting of supporters of the Jay Treaty in Richmond; this sheet was circulated by a corresponding committee with a cover letter dated April 27th (1796.018); the package included a blank sheet for collecting signatures of those who agreed with them. Sheet lacks printer credit; by 1796, the partisan divide between Federalists and Republicans was reflected in Virginia in the use of a particular printer for each party; Augustine Davis for the administration side, and Samuel Pleasants for the opposition, hence the attribution here. The only known copy held by special collections at the University of Virginia is available as a digital image through their library catalogue; it is paired with the circular letter noted above.

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