1796.018: Circular Letter Asking for Support of Jay's Treaty.

Published: 1796

Full Title: Richmond, April 27, 1796. Gentlemen, a meeting of the citizens of this place, having appointed us to correspond with our fellow citizens ... on the subject of the enclosed resolutions … Let us beg gentlemen that you will give us your aid in carrying this great object into effect, that it may be proved to the American public that the friends of the popular branch of our government are at the same time the friends of order, and that they can be as active and as firm in maintaining the Constitution, as those who have the temerity to assail it. … [signed] Richard Adams, Alex. Campbell, William Foushee, John Dawson, Samuel McCraw, James Rind, Alexander Quarrier.

Author: Adams, Richard (1760-1817), et al.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Augustine Davis

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 32 cm. x 18 cm. (broadside).


Cover letter for the distribution of the resolutions adopted at a meeting of supporters of the Jay Treaty in Richmond on April 25th (1796.019). The corresponding committee circulated those resolutions with a sheet for subscribers in agreement with them. Sheet lacks printer credit; by 1796, the partisan divide between Federalists and Republicans was reflected in Virginia in the use of a particular printer for each party; Augustine Davis for the administration side, and Samuel Pleasants for the opposition, hence the attribution here. The only known copy held by special collections at the University of Virginia is available as a digital image through their library catalogue; it is paired with the resolutions noted above.

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