1794.012: Baptist Universal Register for 1790-1794, Vol. II.

Published: 1794

Full Title: The universal register of the Baptist denomination in North-America, for the years 1790, 1791, 1792, and part of 1793. Volume the second.

Author: Asplund, John (d. 1807).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: John Dixon Jr.

Description: 90+ pgs.; 20 cm. (12mo).


Title page reports contents as: "1. The confession of faith as published in London, 1689. 2. The church disciple [i.e., discipline], as adopted by the Charleston Association. 2. The plan and sentiments of the associations in general. 4. The rules of decorum at their sitting. 5. A historical account, how Gospel-duties, both ordinances and commandments are believed, and practised, in general." However, the most complete edition of this work, held by the American Antiquarian Society, contains just the first two parts; the remaining four are now lost, if the project was seen through to completion. This 1794 project was Asplund's most complex publishing effort; volume I consisted of 7 parts, detailing the history and current state of Baptist church in America, issued in Boston by John W. Folsom (Evans 26585); Volume II (seen here) was a set of supporting theological documents which Dixon apparently issued separately, and tehn bound the parts together with a common title page. Copy of this title filmed by Early American Imprints Series contains only the first part – a Baptist Confession of Faith (1794.012) -- with that title page added. This Index records each element of this title as a separate imprint (1794.012 to 1794.016), as the first two parts are listed separately by Evans and others; this entry covers complete set, which has not been filmed by the Early American Imprints Series.

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